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Safe, Clean Car Sharing during COVID-19

Travel during the covid-19 pandemic is a challenge that numerous people face every day. Car sharing is one of the safest ways of traveling. Car sharing during COVID-19 offers a way to keep distance while staying on the move.

10 of the Most Unusual Car Parks in Thailand

Thailand is a tourist’s delight, with its gorgeous destinations and rich culture, aided by tourist-friendly policies. Hence, there are several car parks here. While some of these car parks are quite exquisite in their designs. Below is a list of the ten most unusual car parks in Thailand.

10 Things you Need to Know Before Renting a car in Thailand

It is economical to rent a car in Thailand with an average of THB 1600 each day for a medium-sized sedan. During the off-season, you could negotiable the rate for a luxurious BMW 3 for 10,000 THB...

Thailand Vacation - Self Drive or Take a Taxi?

You are taking your first trip to Thailand and want to do some sightseeing or just want to get around Thailand. Do you go by taxi or do you self-drive? In this article, you will be able to read why it is best to do self-driving instead of taking a taxi.